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We offer a full range of auto repair services in Chicago, including:

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You depend on your vehicle to get you where you're going, and we understand the uncertainty you feel when it isn't working properly. Whether your engine is making a strange noise, your air conditioner isn't cooling, or your exhaust system is blowing smoke, Tuffy can help with your auto repair needs in the Chicago area.

Gas Mileage Myths

August 08, 2011

Here at Tuffy, we love Mythbusters. We especially love it when Mythbusters tackle fuel economy myths.

In this video, Adam and Jamie show several tests under a variety of conditions, and come up with the conclusion that running your air conditioning when you’re traveling at highway speeds reduces your fuel economy by about 15%.

There’s also a myth that you can improve fuel economy by only making right-hand turns. Turns out it’s true!

Keeping your vehicle clean can also improve your fuel economy! And so can dimpling it like a golf ball.

Mythbusters also proved that underinflated tires can inflate your gas bill.

And they debunked some Internet products that claim to improve gas mileage.